Energy is a vibration which is enhanced by slow and ez breathing! 

Meditation takes into account every reflective tradition in the world. The basic style is open as a standalone "quiet" practice or can integrate into forms which include visualization, music. colors or chanting.   

Meditation is Insightful and absolutely wonderful for emotional healing.  

​​Proper breathing offers many comfort levels for the mind, body and spirit as you learn how to listen in silence and hear from your inner self. Meditation helps you to  learn how to regulate the various energy levels of the mind, body and spirit experience. Meditation is a wonderful ancient restorative art which promotes the ability to connect, unblock, release and gain patience. 

Sitting comfortably in a chair or laying down, attention is given to breathing slowly and gently on the inhale and exhale. As the calmness of the breathing  takes place, you receive a sense of security and comfort allowing you to move into a peaceful state leading to Mindfulness.  

Mindfulness is the process of bringing attention to "experiences" occurring

in the present moment and remaining  balanced as life moves around you!

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