Reiki (Pronounced Ray Key)

Energy is a vibration which is enhanced by slow and ez breathing! 

Reiki is an ancient wellness art known for reduction of pain and swelling and the ability to bring about a sense of inner peace. Reiki can be traced to Egypt, Sudan and Japan.  The restorative art was re-discovered in Japan during the 1800's by Mikao Usui.


The touch of a Reiki practitioner is gentle or there is the option of scanning with hands slightly above the body.  Clothing does not have to be removed.  The procedure can be done privately or in a group setting. Privately, participants lay down on a massage table fully clothed.  In a group, Reiki is usually performed in a chair. 


Reiki provides a sense of emotional and physical safety leaving a person feeling as if they have had a meditative massage.  Although Reiki is focused on compassion and peace, it is not religious.  

Reiki complements other medical and therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.  Some clients use Reiki while in the hospital or as a part of their after care.

As a general way of life, the 5 Reiki principles can be applied on a daily basis. 


Just for Today, I will not Worry

Just for Today, I will not Anger

Just for Today, I will be Grateful

Just for Today, I will be Honest

Just for Today, I will be Kind

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